Legislative Update

It was a productive week in Pierre! More bills hit the floor and the pace will only continue to pick up in the house. It did feel great to be home for a few days with Ashton and Tracy but next week will be a busy one.

The House of Representatives is the people’s house. I believe the people should have the final say in who represents them. After all, our state motto is “Under God the people rule.”

My first piece of legislation reflects just this. Technically speaking, it isn’t a bill, it’s a Joint Resolution. If it passes the legislature, it is submitted to the voters for approval and will be on the ballot in 2022.

Government should be of, by, and for the people–and I believe strongly that the people should choose their own representation. The vision for my resolution is to take the power to fill legislative vacancies from the Governor’s office and give it to the local citizens.

In the current system, when a legislator leaves office before the end of their term, the Governor’s office puts out a press release and asks for public input and nominations. Some of those nominations are interviewed by the Governor’s staff and eventually an appointment is made.

My change intends to allow the local central committee, who are elected by their community members, to come together to make this selection. The new legislator would still be from the same party as the resigning legislator, which is not the case today.

While I believe this change is important, it isn’t radical. Today, only a handful of states still have legislative vacancies filled by the Governor. The rest use a local process to fill the vacancy. The central committee and voters already contribute to the process.

I just want you, the people of District 3, to be the final decision maker. I believe that you and your neighbors are the best judges to make the decision. My resolution will be heard Monday in committee.

I hope everyone has a blessed week! As always, you can reach me at Drew Dennert for House on Facebook.

Thank you and God bless,

Drew Dennert