2018 Re-Election Announcement

With Representative Kaiser announcing last week that he would not seek re-election to run for Brown County Sheriff, I wanted to take the opportunity to let everyone know that my intentions next year will be to run for re-election!

In the past year I have been blessed to be in the State House and to represent the people of Brown County. I have learned some valuable lessons and how important standing up for your core values are and how important it is to work with people who both agree with you or sometimes disagree with you.

And while my conservative values are what gave me the passion to run in the first place, continuing to fight for the conservative cause is what encourages me to keep fighting.

We have done a lot right in South Dakota but the more involved I get the more I realize that we truly have a lot of work to do. Whether it’s taxes, government corruption, constitutional rights, the right to life, education, helping to improve our economy or any other issue, we need more people involved who will vigilantly fight for liberty and for the values we all believe in.

I hope that over the next year you will do your part to become more active in our political process and learn more about the candidates running and the issues that we support.

Also in an effort to help voters learn more about me, I have setup this website and encourage you to visit frequently as I will continue to update it.

Please check it out, and I appreciate all the support I have received from the community of Aberdeen!